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Rabu, 02 Mei 2012

The Most Magnificent Fantasy Creature Wallpapers

The magical world of fantasy presents you with some of its most spectacular creations. This magnificent place allows you to create anything that fits into your story.  There are thousands of these different creatures that are born out of creative thinking along with the desire to create something out of this world. Be inspired to feel that you are the only one that can complete a certain task when you find yourself staring at amazing fantasy creature wallpapers.

A lot of people will say that fantasy is not real and that ever one should start living in reality. The sad truth is that fantasy like flying on the back of a gryphon or dragon or swimming with spectacular maidens with amazing long tails cannot become a reality. There is however a way to make a fantasy a  reality, writing down your fantasy in the form of a story book ,for you to enjoy every day for as long as it please you.

In ancient times people believed that dragons were real, flying lizards that breathed fire or ice, killing millions of innocents with every attack. I would rather stay in a safe place, in the comfort of my own room, where all these ferocious yet amazing creatures cannot find me. It is a much better way to enjoy amazing fantasy creature wallpapers on your desktop background than to be attacked by them.