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Kamis, 03 Mei 2012

Most Amazing TV Series: Game Of Thrones

Be a part of the magnificent fusion of modern technology, medieval times along with the spectacular story lines of an amazing book series called game of thrones that was written by George R.R. Martin. This breath taking series shows the reality of how things worked back in the ancient times when men fought with swords and axes. It is a story filled with action that is guaranteed to keep you on the tip of your chair at all times. The first season plays of in four different places where the houses try to make peace or where they all make war to claim the iron throne

 To play the game of thrones is to gamble with your own life. There are times when you should make choices to speak the truth and lose your head or to lie and maybe get away with it.

The wall is a place where no man wants to find himself. There are only a few people that go to the wall to keep the ancient monsters away from the lands. The men at the knights watch deliver an oath that says that they are bond to the wall along with all the conditions and consequences. Jon Snow is one of the volunteers who want to be a part of the knights’ watch. At The Wall he met new friends along with obstacles, will he overcome these obstacles or will he die in his first days.

From the house Targaryen, comes the son and daughter of those with dragon blood running through their veins. They both want to return to Kings Landing to claim back what was originally theirs. For them to do so Daenerys has to marry the leader of the Delthracky:  Drogo. Will the dragon princess ever love her husband and bless him with a son or will she hate him till the end of time?

The king’s best friend Ned Stark rules the North and keeps the king updated with all that has been going on. Lord stark is very tricked on his laws and does not let any one slip away with something.  He lives with his family along with his subjects in Winterville. The symbol to his house is the dyer wolf and so all of his children got one to train and to keep as a pet. Lord stark was named hand of the king that forced him to return to Kings landing to help the king rule. 

In Kings landing the Hand found out that there is lots of problems going on in the kingdom. There was some shocking news that would change his life forever. Arya Lord Stark’s youngest daughter got what she needed most: proper lessons to defend her if it wound be necessary one day. Sunsa the eldest daughter is so in love with Prince Joffre she can hardly think straight.  Lord Stark heard a few things and did some research to find a shocking truth about the queen. 

The game of thrones series is an astonishing story that you will want to share with every one you know. It is full of action and excitement that will keep you wishing for the next episode. Spread the news and get the most amazing medieval series ever!