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Jumat, 04 Mei 2012

The Most Amazing Vampire Series Ever : Moonlight

Do you admire vampires? Join Mick st. John a highly qualified detective to solve unexplainable murder cases. Discover a new part of vampires that will make you wonder if we roam this earth alone or do we share them with beings that are hundreds of years old.  This amazing TV series is guaranteed to keep you curious throughout the season.  Start a spectacular journey with a one of a kind vampire to solve abnormal mysteries in the shades of the moonlight.    

Experience the power of friendship when it is needed the most. Observe how a simple news reporter can influence the live of a certain vampire.

Never look at a situation like any other normal human. If you want to know the truth behind an experienced killer, you have to think outside the box and be ready to discover the unbelievable.  Working together along with strengthening their friendship Beth and Mick keeps each other updated on everything new, giving them a better opportunity to solve an unsolved mystery.

Throughout the series you will meet new characters along with their stories of the past. Corolene is one of the most spectacular characters in the story with a very interesting history. She discovers something that no one would ever think possible. What is this magnificent discovery of hers you might ask? Find out what it is she that she discovered when you are being fascinated with the moonlight series.

We find Corolene standing next to her brother. What are these two up to? Will they be the loving siblings that will die for one another or will their paths separate and end in tragedy?  

Mick makes a very interesting discovery with his best friend at his side. Where is Beth? The answer is unknown. There are a lot of secrets that can hide in a laboratory like this one.

Here we find one of the bad vampires that is hunting something or someone.  Will he get away with his crimes or will he pay for them with his life?

When Beth Turner was about the age of four she was kidnapped by a very desperate vampire. This memory has haunted her and stayed with her throughout her life. She never let it came between her or influence her passion for reporting. She always felt like she was being followed or watched by someone. That terrifying night when she was given back to her mother, her savior disappeared as well. Will she ever find her hero to thank him or will she die with the thanks in her heart? Find the answers to all these questions when you watch the Moonlight series.