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Kamis, 26 April 2012

Medieval Wallpapers

Medieval HD Desktop Wallpapers & Backgrounds

The medieval times is speculated by many people to be the dark time where magic ruled and man defeated the magical creatures and banished them to purgatory. We are unsure about certain details that happened in these dark times. Some claimed to have seen things and passed the memories and knowledge on to their offspring, should evil ever return.

Stories have spread and legends have been told, but are we ever in danger of falling back into black times? Yes we are! Medieval times began with people wanting power and grasping to supernatural means to reach their goals. We stand in the middle of a world at war! Nuclear bombs will rain down on us all one day by the hands of a few, but then in future years to come, legends will be told again to future generations. They will also think it was back then, but what will they have then to be looking out for?

We now sit and look at amazing medieval wallpapers on our pc, but it is hard to grasp that it really happened. Men riding on horses and wooden cannons firing to take over cities and uphold honour to your name. Royalty those days meant everything. If you were born in cheap-side, you meant nothing in the eyes of the rich. You slept in the mud and scrapped food from the ground if you didn’t have a skill like tailoring or blacksmithing.

Your skill is the only thing you had to keep you alive in those times. Wars were fought that has fallen into the books of history. War we do not understand in our time. In the present we drop a few bombs and then the war is done. In those times a war was bloody and fought in the ground first hand.

Medieval backgrounds show much more to the story than just legends being heard. Think back 100s of years and see yourself in a knight’s armour, defending your flag.

To stand up to evil is no easy task in this world, but let these medieval desktop wallpapers be a reminder than those who stand up and fight will be victorious!