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Kamis, 26 April 2012

Ship Wallpaper

HD Ship Desktop Backgrounds & Wallpapers

In ancient history, man was restricted by the borders of their home-land. Some brave ones dared to set off into the vast unknown with a log or a pathetic little floating boat, but failed to pass the waves that spits them back out to their starting point. This actually became an obsession and soon a big ship was built in somewhere 2800bc that was manned by 5 people. They wanted to know what is out there and be the first people to discover new things.

In that times of the world the people still believed you are able to fall off the side of the earth. This fact was the largest reason people would not dare explore to far from their home. Yes, they used the stars as their compass, so they would not get lost that easily, but who can blame them? Who wants to be the first person in history to die from falling off the face of the earth? Bearing the award for world’s first major idiot can’t be a pleasant thing, and because honour was such a treasures value by most, nobody dared going off too far with their ships.

As we all know, if you buy something big, the price tag gets big as well. Not to fit by the product, but for the price of the product to fit on the tag! This is a sad truth in our world. Ships are no other in this light. Even from the beginning of days, buying a boat was only for the very rich and famous people. Some may see it as an investment, but what about all the dangers out there?

I’m talking about places such as the Bermuda-triangle. We heard about countless ships venturing into the unknown and never returning again. We can’t even get cameras in there, because of all the magnetic field surrounding the place. So what is there? Ask the 100s op people who sacrificed their lives to try and find out.

Sailing is not an easy occupation. I had first had experience with sailing and being on ships, now I’d rather stare and beautiful ship wallpapers before re-living anything like that again. The sea is like a mother-in-law. She manipulates you into thinking she is calm and happy for you to be there, welcoming you into her arms and embracing you with so many nice things. After the first couple of hours, the sun sets, and the creature awakens.

Suddenly waves 15 times the size of a crew-ship is slamming over your ship and bashing through your cabins like they are made from cardboard. This is usually the time you feed your mother-in-law poison and laugh at the corpse, or go to sleep and hear her tapping on you door all night trying to eat you alive. On a ship it is all hands on deck! Sails down & throwing water out of the boat is the first things to keep in mind, but trying either of these in a blistering storm in the freezing cold while trying to fight for your life, is merely impossible.

There are good sides to owning a ship as well. You don’t have to be stuck in you little office looking for ship wallpapers on the internet. Go out there and enjoy the life of a pirate! Exploring is something that is in everyone’s blood. Heed your call and go forth! I’m just stating things to look out for when the big blue liquid becomes your home for the next few months.

Let me make this statement, if you have a ship desktop background that is calling out to you, and you have the money, go now and buy your ticket to freedom! Living on a boat you are your own boss and you will never have to be stuck with the frustrations of life on the ground. Imagine a place where the only traffic you will encounter is whales making their way across your path. Is there any better way to be stuck in traffic than with such an amazing view?

Make a life for yourself. Do not be confined by the limitations of Ship HD Wallpapers, live the real thing!