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Senin, 30 Januari 2012

Top 5 Movie Wallpapers

                           Underworld: Awakening HD Wallpapers

Underworld: Awakening is a spectacular story filled with action. The Plot swirls around a dangerous vampire that escaped after being held captive for twelve years.

She joined the other vampires and humans to defeat a very dangerous and unexpected enemy. She received a life changing surprise when she heard that she was a mother…

Will she succeed in her quest to defeat this enemy or will her daughter distract her from fulfilling her destiny?

Underground: Awakening HD wallpapers are apart of the breath taking action revolving teamwork and the fight between good and evil. This post is brought to you by Movie Wallpapers.



                           Red Tails Wallpapers

 Red tails is a spectacular story filled with action and excitement .The Civil Aeronautics Authority chose 13 loyal African Americans to join in a training program that experimented on training coloured people to become fighter pilots.

They're called in for duty to fight in the world war2 after nearly being shut down. Without the encouragement or support from their country, will their love for peace and teamwork be enough to guide them through the war?
All they want is the opportunity to prove they are worthy to fight for their country.Flying with their red tails into war will prejudice and racism stand in the way of these brave men to claim victory for their country?

Red Tails HD Wallpapers are part of the magnificent adventures and meaning of faith, friendship and never giving up. This post is brought to you by Movie Wallpapers.


                                        Contraband Wallpapers                                                                                                                

Contraband is an unbelievable action thriller that is guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your chair.

Loving his family with his whole life, Chris discovered that they are being held hostage. His brother-in-law’s boss threatens him with the lives of his wife and children, forcing him to go back to a life he left behind a long time ago.  To pay off his brother-in-law’s depths he has to go on an extremely dangerous mission in Panama and leave is wife in the trust of his best friend.

Given two weeks to pay the depth he has to find a way to smuggle in $700 000 worth cocaine without being caught.  Will he be able to return in time? His family’s lives depend on it.  Will he succeed in his life changing mission to save his family or will he fail and hunt down their killers?

Contraband HD Wallpapers are part of the breath taking action and excitement in the finding that not all is as it seems… This post is brought to you by Movie Wallpapers. Where desktop backgrounds are everywhere!

Extremely loud and incredibly close Wallpapers

>Extremely loud and incredibly close is a story containing mystery and adventure about a nine-year old-boy, Oskar Schell, finding a suspicious key in his beloved father’s closet, who died a few years back. Oskar thinks that his best friend and hero left him a final message.

This curious and intelligent kid took the path to New York in search of the lock this special key belongs to. Meeting spectacular people and learning life altering lessons about life and the outside world, understanding the importance of living.

Will he succeed in finding the mysterious lock that the magnificent key can open?  His journey exposed him to many unexpected things and wild events.

Will he find his mysterious last message or will he fail in his quest in finding his father's final good bye? Extremely loud and incredibly close HD Wallpapers are a part of life changing adventures with a child who would never give up on his father, even though his hê is not alive. This post is brought to you by Movie Wallpapers.

       The girl with the dragon tattoo HD Wallpapers

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo is a magnificent story that will keep you wondering and your mind thinking.

The disappearance of Harriet Vanger left her uncle sleepless for nearly forty years. Although her body was never found he is convinced that she was murdered by a family member. With strange and extremely little evidence a brilliant inspector and an excellent computer hacker joined forces to investigate this spectacular mystery.

Risking their lives and showing no fear towards anybody they gain more clues and unraveling the truth behind the disappearance of Harriet Vanger. Will all their hard work pay off, or will this case lead to a dead end?

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo HD Wallpapers is a part of the action and excitement of two extraordinary people working together to find hidden answers. This post is brought to you by Movie Wallpapers.