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Rabu, 25 Januari 2012


Footloose is a story about a town that suffered an unimaginable tragedy causing the town to forbid dancing and rock and roll music. Ren Mac Cormack, a senior boy from Boston moved to the town and made friends on unusual occasions. After the first day he was caught playing music loudly, that gave him a bad reputation from the get-go. He fell in love with the priest’s daughter, but the priest was sceptical about his intensions because of everything he heard about Ren.  Will Ren Mac Cormack be able to bring back the spirit into the town and restore the youth’s energy?

Go on an amazing adventure and experience the true meaning of friendship and family.  See how friends can influence your life by helping you overcome things you struggle with. Find out how family can open your eyes to life. Even if you’re not blood related, someone can make you a better person.

Footloose HD wallpapers are a part of the amazing journey about how dancing and music can bring out the true person inside and the importance of friendship. This post is brought to you by Movie Wallpapers. 

 Making a true friend that will change your life for ever. A new  challenge comes along with a new start.

        Line dancing and having fun outside the town.

The Priest’s daughter, where is she going?

A worried father wondering how to keep all the children unharmed against the world.

                Dancing? Is that even legal?