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Rabu, 25 Januari 2012

Dolphin Tale HD Wallpapers

Dolphin tale is based on a true storie about a boy who changed people’s lives by finding a true friend.  Winter is a young dolphin that got caught in a crab trap and was saved by a young boy. They became best friends and he never gave up on her, not even when things got difficult. Her tail had to be amputated to save her life, but after a while she taught herself to swim without the use of her tail.

Swimming without a tail damaged her spinal cored that could lead to death after a time if not tended to. The only way to save this young dolphin is to get her an artificial tail to wear. With the help of a prosthetics dokter they found a way to get winter a new artificial tail witch means that the threat of losing her life is over.

The animal center organized a fundraiser for the making of Winter’s new tail, inviting people from around the country to come and have a look at winter to tell them that there is more to life if you have a disability than just giving up.

The lesson they took home from that day, is that people with disabilities are normal people and can live a normal life. Dolphin Tale HD Wallpapers is part of the spectacular experience of this incredible journey about 2 disabled creatures finding joy in one another. This post is brought to you by Movie Wallpapers.