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Rabu, 01 Februari 2012

Fire Wallpapers

                                                              Fire Wallpapers

Yellow, white, orange and red, three magnificent colors that give life to art. Fire is one of the spectacular elements that we use to simbolize comfort warmth and love. This amazing element gives us the power to change the world of art. The effect of fire in art brings a new meaning and quality to the art piece.

                                                          Fire Animal wallpapers

The amazing technique of, fire with animals intensify the meaning behind the flames. A peaceful lion lying down, surrounded by fire resembles pride, safety and comfort. A fox surrounded by orange flames move with the speed of light. Nothing can stop the freedom of fire, like a wild horse roaming free.  Attacking tigers in flames gives the impression of strength and that nothing will stand in the way of receiving victory. A wolf surrounded by fire resembles the true loyalty and meaning of friendship.

  Fire Music Wallpaper

 The emotion and amazing feeling of music rhythms running through ones body is made clear by the art of flames. Fire with music wakes up a breath taking sensation and takes one on the magical journey of symphonies.

Fire flowers

The art of fire and flowers tells a different tale to each person. Fire flowers open the magical world of stories where imaginations play around with events and scenes. Flowers in flames resemble the light in darkness, giving you the reassurance that your tale will have a perfect ending. This post is brought to you by Fire Wallpapers.