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Senin, 15 Oktober 2012

The Worriers And Heroes Of Fantasy Wallpapers

What would happen if war would break out in the world of fantasy?  With magic at their sides anything is possible when it comes to the right characters.  Join HD Wallpapers when we risk our own lives to get you the best shots of the most spectacular heroes that the world of fantasy has to offer.

Be a part of the breath taking adventure when you add some of these spectacular fantasy worrier wallpapers to your own collection. Discover the stories that every picture has to offer. 

With the knowledge that his home along with all the people he knows is in grave danger, the warrior of the fantasy world arranges a journey for only the strongest. They came together to discover what kind of danger is approaching. They send word to other clans and warriors to stand with then in the battle against the unknown.

 The mightiest bear along with his best friend beauty heard the news from the winds. They began to get ready for one of the most difficult battles of their lives, much more dangerous than those they fought before. They began walking the path from the tallest and coldest mountain, answering the request from their good friend.

 Raised to stand for the truth and nothing but the truth the Elvin warrior received the news from the night stars. The spectacular character fairs his family well before he began taking on the road that was laid out before him.


In the morning the news reached the Guardian of the magical forest.  With the news that he just received he began getting ready, preparing himself for battle. The spirits of the amazing forest cried and gave him the best of wishes before he also hit the road towards the kingdom endanger.   

The spectacular night sky broke the news to the night warrior. Like a lightning bolt he prepared himself, gave his beloved mother a tender kiss on the top of her head and left with his father’s fighting weapons. 

Enjoying each other’s company the beast heard someone outside of the cave.   A small boy about the age of 12 delivered the tragic news to them: that the kingdom is in grave danger and that their friend asks them to come and defend the kingdom on the battlefield. 
When everybody arrived they set up a plan of attack.  The breath taking Pegasus led them towards the battle. It was frightening what they saw, nobody ever expected something like what their eyes were seeing.

 Fearlessly the couple of mighty friends ran into battle, slicing of heads of monsters, stabbing out their hearts with powerful blades and crushing them with magic spells.

 They fought well against the terrible unknown beasts, until a long worm like creature with massive fangs appear out of the mighty waves of the ocean.


They got some help from other places during the terrifying war. There were lots killed in this quest although there was only one winner. Who it was remains a mystery to all.