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Jumat, 19 Oktober 2012

The Amazing Adventures With Fantasy Worriers

The most exciting part of a tale is always where the worrier claims victory over the enemy.

It is strange to think that the feminine side of worriers are not so girly and petite as most of you might think. These spectacular women never fear anything or anyone, they might be women but they are women with the hearts of dragons. With their trusted weapons by their sides along with mountains of courage in their hearts, these spectacular worrier women go on journeys that the normal human can never survive

 The fantasy fighter was born to be a worrier. Her mother along with her grandfather trained her as hard as possible, to make sure that when the time comes that she will be ready for any kind of test during battle.

 With her trophy in hand, the angel fantasy worrier never lost a fight in her entire life. It is said that her weapon is a legendary spear given to her by her father, the most feared worrier in history.


It is said that she can disappear without a sound and before you know it you are trapped in the powerful claws of the mist worrier.It is said that she can disappear without a sound and before you know it you are trapped in the powerful claws of the mist worrier.
She is called queen of the wolves when she sits with her family. Where there is trouble she is the hunter and protector of her clan. 

 As a princess she is supposed to stay in castle grounds where she will learn how to rule her kingdom. With adventure in her blood she always found a way to get out and seek adventure that lays in the world of fantasy.

 Separated from her sisters, the worrier of death seeks out enemies where no one will dare to go. Her father gave her and each of her sisters a pair of weapons to defend the innocent from harm.

the reapers-wife-fantasy-pictures
 With her husband by her side the reaper’s wife protects their beloved home from the monsters that seeks their heads as trophies.

 Fire protects her, claws fight for her and raging teeth lusting for blood kills for her. The dragon whisperer always sits peacefully on her spot commanding the most feared creatures in the world of fantasy: Dragons.

 Laying peacefully in her chambers the evil twin thinks about lots of mysterious ways of how she might take her sister down. Since the beginning she felt that her sister always got everything and that now is the time to rid the world f fantasies of her little sister.

 Living with enormous striped cats for years, the tiger queen learned to have courage when the den is in danger and to always stand together no matter what.

 Bewitch by her beauty countless amounts of men blindly fell into her trap and so paid with their lives. The worrier of the see is beautiful as can be and so it is said that where bones of men are found, the siren is not far from the location.

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