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Selasa, 15 Mei 2012

The Beauty Of Ice

The magnificent element that breaks the dying heat of summer presents amazing wallpapers that will make you fall in love with all forms of ice. This magnificent gift that is given to us by Mother Nature can be used to bring forward mind blowing creations for the whole world to admire.  There are some countries in the world with blistering winters that makesice sculpturing a big event, giving ordinary people the opportunity to unleash their inner artist.  In some of the colder places on earth people decided to develop a hotel made entirely out of ice. The hotel looks a lot like a fantasy crystal palace from the inside. Photographers spend countless hours waiting for the right moment to capture magnificent moments to share with all of us around the world. These brave men and women risk their lives to take all these amazing photographs that we can enjoy all the time when looking at our desktop backgrounds.

Observe the ice wallpaper that is found from creativity along with amazing talents. Designers are magnificent people that can put themselves in other Wolds to see things from viewer’s point of view that gives them the ability to create master pieces.

The amazing talents off some people to create a master piece out of a simple block of ice, just to share it with those around them.

Could it really be jus ice? It can very easily be mistaken for crystal, the smoothness of the walls along with the see through walls. Here we find a spectacular beauty called the ice hotel.

There are many stories told about a magnificent beautiful woman that rules the lands covered in soft white snow. The ice queen is always the one that is loved by her people and feared by her enemies.

Mother Nature also has some amazing pictures to show us when it comes to the magical world of freezing blizzards.

Do not ever give someone the chance to separate two hearts that belong together. Be inspired by this amazing ice wallpaper to always work hard while staying true to the one you love.

There are simple things in this world that can be transformed into something spectacular with the right idea and angles.

The Poles of the earth presents us with some amazing images to embrace us in its beauty.

The technique of combining ice with smoke can tell miraculous stories to those who can see into a piece of art.

It is amazing what animals are found in the worlds of ice. Here we find a magnificent polar bear that shares the company of her two amazing snow white cubs.

Summer is coming and the Aortic ice slowly starts to melt against the hot sun, bringing us something spectacular to look at.

Add this amazing ice wallpaper to your favorite collection of images, so you can share the magnificent shades of blue and white with your friends and family.

When something so magnificent yet so dangerous looks you in the eye, there is nothing else to be done than to capture the moment in a timeless photograph. 

Feel amazing when turning on your computer screen and be greeted by this amazing tiger ice sculpture.

They are all standing in a straight row, looking like the homes of giant Smurfs. Start your day with a happy song in your heart when you see this amazing mushroom like ice burgs.

Just think of how spectacular it would be if you could stay a night in a breath taking hotel all made out of ice. It is only a dream to some people out there.