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Senin, 14 Mei 2012


Welcome to the dark side of art. The magnificent world of gothic presents mind blowing art pieces along with spectacular secrets of the world. Most of the time gothic people are labeled by the people surrounding them.  It is not a bad thing to be dressed in full black or to have a different type of appearance. These magnificent people that appear so frightening are actually most of the time the persons who everybody dreams of as a best friend.  They might be weird from the outside but they are also the loyal friends that anyone can count on when in need of a true friend.

A lost soul waiting in the wilderness for the right one to come so she can share all the love inside of her little heart.  Love is something that can never be fought.

It is the queen’s duty to protect her people along with the world of ice and blizzards. With all her power she guides her people onto the road of success to achieve honor for the land they all call home.

In the darkest of places you will always find light with someone to enter your life. Feel confident to look your enemies in the eye when the situation gets tough because you know that everyone has a guardian angel.

Who would dare stand in her way? She is one that can destroy even the strongest of men with only a glimpse of her breath taking smile.  Be inspired by this magnificent gothic wallpaper to always believe in yourself, even when you are in a difficult situation.

She is the one we call the goddess of the night, the one that puts us to sleep with her amazing wind lullabies.

The spectacular power possessed by the dark dancer is something that can only be heard of. This magnificent woman wakes up creations that no one can even dream of when losing herself in the love of music and dance.

 She sits alone crying on the palms of her hands, wondering how she found herself in the position she is in. Will she ever escape the heartbreaking company of loneliness?

There she found herself, trapped as a face in a mirror in a old haunted house where she is lost for no one to ever hear from her again.

When you are feeling like your life is falling apart, call upon your guardian that protects you against all of the world’s bad things. Experienced how it feels to be touched by an angel.

Be inspired by these gothic art wallpapers that you can stare at and admire the true meaning behind the face of art to always stand together as loyal friends do.