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Rabu, 28 September 2011

Battle Of The Superhero's

Super hero movies have become very popular in the last couple of years. I can safely say that atleast once a year there is atleast 1, if not more superhero movies that come out. Majority of them are successful. These movies being successful would mean that there are fans millions of fans world wide!

In this blog post I have decided to dedicate to only the greatest superheros and superhero movies ever. Here are some awesome Superhero wallpapers.


This wallpaper is brilliantly done, the effects go well with the movie. The sky blended into the "S" somehow gives viewers the hope of a new day just because superman wont let harm come to anyone, which is pretty cool.

Spider Man

Next up is my personal favourite superhero, none other then the popular Spider Man. This Spider Man wallpaper is from the last Spider Man movie, where Spider Man has 2 sides to him, a bad and a good side. The reflection in the glass marks both of these 2 sides.


Girl and Boys, Ladies and Gentleman, brace yourself for the great Batman! Girls love him for his dashing hot looks and guys simply dig him for his awesome character and power. This Batman wallpaper looks like something not evil would want to mess with, totally bad ass and I'm loving it!