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Jumat, 30 September 2011

Awesome Animated Movies

Everybody has an inner child within them, and sooner or later that little kid wants to be unleashed. Whether it be unleashed in watching an animated movie or maybe just by playing your favourite childhood game, sooner or later it will be brought out.

However, living in our generation we know that its pretty obvious that people will choose to unleash the kid within them by watching an animated movie instead of playing games, lets face it no body any more really plays games.

Animated movies are popular between both adults and children, so its basically got a large target market making it very popular. People watch animated movies just to escape reality and because its simply awesome and totally cute.

A popular movie watched by both adults was "Up". This wallpaper below is brilliant, I mainly love the colour usage. It makes me feel at ease as though I'm floating away with them.

Another big hit was Cars, it was an animated kid version of Fast and Furious. This wallpaper is done really well, because the graphics are not only brilliant but it looks pretty life like.

The Simpsons
Popular for as long as I remember! The Simpsons have been a great success with A LOT of fans. This Simpsons wallpaper pretty much describes the father and his character. I like this wallpaper because its cute yet scruffy yet at the same time makes you feel relaxed because of the colours used