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Minggu, 06 Desember 2015

Amazing Hotel Transylvania Wallpapers

The Dracula clan is back with a new addition to the family. This little boy is guaranteed to capture your heart just like he captured everyone's favorite vampire: Dracula. The newest Dracula is not like the others with straight black hair and a very pale completion. The little boy had a mob of bright red curly hair and bright blue eyes.

Dracula is very fond of Dennis, his grandson, and wants him to be a vampire like him. He keeps the little boy near to his heart and tries to inspire the young boy to get his fangs.

What will happen to the bond between grandson and "vampa"  when Mavis wants to move to California to raise Dennis in a "safer" environment? Will Drac get the child to turn into a vampire or will he lose his only beloved grandson?

Dennis; the grandson of Dracula. Dennis has a very kind heart and wants to be a supper hero. 

Dracula and Winny, Wayne and Wanda's only daughter out of  three hundred sons.

Dracula,the invisible man,Murry,Wayne and Frankenstein on the fly tower.

Dracula decorating a Christmas tree

Hotel Transylvania 2 movie poster

Dracula in a bad mood.

Hotel Transylvania 2 the game wallpaper

Hotel Transylvania 2 funny wallpaper

Mavis is excited about going to Johnny's hometown

Mavis being in a mini market in California. She is very impressed with the verities and new things like Slurpee.

Vlad,Dracula,Mavis and Johnny. Three generations of Dracula's from the old school grandpa to the granddaughter who is married to a human.  

Vlad, Dracula's dad and also a very feared old school vampire