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Selasa, 03 September 2013

Animal Digital Art Wallpapers

Using Digital Art to Capture The Animal Spirit

For ages the native american people believed their spirits to be like those of a wolf. People always try to see themselves equal to an animal. Art can be seen over the world in ancient paintings where people compare their spirits to animals. Native Americans had dream catchers with pictures of them with a wolf with them. In old Greek mythology, we can see certain gods being portrayed as half human and half animal.

Since then, people of the modern age have so many opportunities to express themselves visually that the ancient people didn't have. and this brings us to this group of animal wallpapers made by very talented designers to express their spirit as an animal. You will see the wallpapers are brought to life, not just normal photo taken photos. This is true digital art.

Wild Animal Seen In Nature
Leopard in Tree Animal Digital Art Wallpaper

Angry Leopard Hunting For Food
Leopard Stalking Prey Animal Digital Artwork

White Cat Animal Wallpaper

Freedom of a Horse Animal Wallpaper

Spirit of a Parrot Animal Wallpaper

Please let us know what you think of these amazing animal wallpapers and share with your friends. See you all next time!