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Selasa, 17 September 2013

Amazing Tinkerbell Wallpapers

Everybody knows that our favorite fairy, is the best friend of the one boy that never grows up.  We all know the magnificent adventures that Peter pan had with Wendy, John and Michel had in the wonderful place called Never land.

Wendy was a young girl that loved telling stories to her 2 younger brothers about a strange boy that fights the  terrible Captain Hook. Peter along with the lost boys made it a daily challenge to play pranks on the evil pirate  A tiny girl called Tinkerbell is the only girl that is allowed in the Lost boy group.

One night Peter missed the mainlands and went back to see what it was like. He found an open window where a girl and two boys were role playing, while the girl told a story about a boy that fought pirates as a game. He followed the right star and straight on till morning. He told the story to the lost boys and went back every night to listen to the girl's stories.

Our favorite fairy got jealous when Peter asked the girl to go with them to Never-land   

peter_pan_hook_ Wendy_and_others_ Tinkerbell_wallpapers

Where did Tinkerbell come from? Was she always with Peter?

It is said that a fairy is from a baby's first laugh. Tinkerbell came to life at the Pixie dust tree in Pixie Hollow. Pixie Hollow is a small place in Never-land where all four the seasons are found net to each other. This magnificent place taught Tinkerbell lots of lessons. 

She made friends with Clank and Bobble, that help her in Tinker Nook. Rosetta the garden fairy that believes that it is her job to bring beauty to the world with all her flowers. Silvermist the water fairy that once tried to teach Tinkerbell to be a Water talent fairy... it did not went very well. Fawn the animal fairy accepted Tinkerbell's help with a runaway bunny, and grabbed her from winter with one of Tink's lost things. Irridessa  is the light fairy that brings a rainbow after every rain storm, that she has in her rainbow tubes. Vidia is the fast flying fairy that tried to break Tinkerbell's spirit by saying that she has the best talent  but became good friends  after a while. Last but not least is Terence the dust keeping fairy, Tinkerbell's best friend that followed her when she needed a friend most. 






The Tinkerbell movies was made after the Peter pan movies. This amazing crew that put together the amazing stories and creating the adventures that Tinkerbell and her friends had, did an excellent job. The four movies and the special of the pixie hollow games were some of the best movies that I have ever seen. 

HD Wallpapers thanks the people that brought Tinkerbell to Life so that she can come and live in every little girl's heart. We hope that you enjoy this amazing selection of Tinkerbell Wallpapers.