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Kamis, 06 Desember 2012

Spectacular Villain Wallpapers In Full HD

Everybody loves to hear the story of how the hero defeated the powerful villain with his trusted weapon right by his side. I think it is time to look into the stories of the bad guys that are always so eager to destroy our stories.  Join HD wallpapers on our quest to discover the reason behind bad guys in stories.


Once a normal boy, loved dearly by his kind hearted mother until she lost her last breath to the king’s soldiers. The king’s orders were that those who do not pay full taxes would be stripped from their land. The horrible death his mother suffered meant nothing to the men so called heroes. They threw her with her son clinging on to her into the ocean to be the next meal to all the carnivores of the sea. What the murderous soldiers did not know was that the little boy did not die during the attack, he held onto his mother so that he would never lose her. A deadly hatred was born in the heart of this small boy. A magical mermaid found him and raised him after the death of his mother. Decades past and the little boy learned lots of things throughout the years and so became the demon of the sea.

It is said that the smell of bloods wakes the life threatening beast. The lands always keep the peace between each other to avoid the horror of being the victims of the green gas breathing creature. This magnificent dragon’s story started out centuries ago when one selfish king declared war against the land because he wanted to be the ruler of all the lands. On the day of the first attack, when the first drop of blood fell, they discovered a fierce monster that chose no side just the lives of soldiers.

Born from the womb of a volcano the king of fire dedicates his life to protect the one whom gave life to him. Many people want to use his mother for her fertile ground. It is up to him to keep them away from the place he calls home.

Adopted by scaled creatures and raised by them the dragon rider had a magnificent quest to fulfill  The quest of destiny is that he should grow up into a strong man before he goes back to his birth land.  He is the one to take back his homeland, kill the king and take his place on the throne like his father before him.

Being locked up by his own people, the spectacular demon hunter vowed that he would have his revenge on them. He was accused of things that he did not do. 

In the times of war there was a child born and left alone in a house flowing with flames. The fire spirit protected him and taught him the ways of fire. He became a powerful fire child, dedicating his life to protect the spirits.

Following in her mother’s footsteps the queen of their village, the princess of death seeks out trespassers to bring home to become their sacrifices. It is the way of the tribe, the ways of her ancestors

They believe that the forests along with all the woods should belong to than and so the orcs declared war against the mighty elves.
warriors from-different-lands-fighting-for-victory

Send by 2 evil wizards the warriors of the mist has to fight to the death for their masters. The winner’s master will become the best and most evil wizard the world has ever seen.

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