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Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

Animals - Animal Wallpapers Online Free HD

Animal Wallpapers

Animals are mostly seen as our best friends. Animals are so beautiful that we have massive collections of animal wallpapers that were collected from photos taken from all over the world. Here we do things a little different. Here we put a twist on everything we get our hands on to make it different than the ordinary things that surrounds us.

HD Animal wallpapers is a big trend on the internet these days. Getting the cutest animals on your desktop background to make all your friends drool has become a sensation that humans quickly got addicted to.

We may never understand the feature that animals play in our lives, but I think it has to do with teaching us a little but more about life. We are always so rushed and angry with everything around us that we sometimes lose focus on what matters in life. We often end up alone and angry at the world because our lives passed us by and we lost things we held dear in our hearts. When you are sitting, staring at an animal, so peaceful and not bothered with much, I think we can see that without technology and other life elements that makes us rush through life, there is still a peace of quite where we can relax and take a deep breath.

Animal wallpapers also shows us times where we need to jump up and get things done. When you see a lion jumping on a zebra, biting his throat and killing him to feed its family, we better understand that even though there are times we need to take a step back and relax, there are times we need to jump in and get things done!

Animal Wallpaper Collection


Here we see a bird wallpaper of the most beautiful bird we ever came across. This bird comes from the lost world of fantasy and brought to life by the amazing designer that captures the dreams of the world and brings to life. A truly rare animal wallpaper to be added to your collection and one that will catch the world’s attention for sure.


A wolf strikes fear into the hearts of even the biggest guys. This wolf wallpaper will definitely define your desktop background to be fearfully amazing. One amazing aspect of wolf wallpapers are the tales of werewolves roaming the earth and animal wallpapers like these might get your imagination running. People always said, legends had to originate from somewhere. Who are we to say they are not true?


Here we can clearly see a flying monkey HD wallpaper that makes no sense, but who says it has to? This is clearly one of those wallpapers that make everybody laugh and have a great time. It is colorful and really well made. We need wallpapers like this to make us unique and different from the rest.


This is a true wallpaper of giant legends. We do believe giants like this roam the earth and we sometimes find a little proof in fossils. These gentle giants are what we all strife to be like.  


This husky with blue eyes hd wallpaper is one of the best backgrounds I have ever seen! They say dogs are a man’s best friends, but if my dog was this cute, I would freak out. I don’t believe any animal can be someone’s best friend, unless that person doesn't have a life and real friends.

Bonus Animal Wallpapers