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Rabu, 18 Juli 2012

Surfer’s Paradise

The perfect combination of wind and water brings you a collection of spectacular images that is guaranteed to put you in the mood for a magnificent swim.

Art comes from around the world. The Arctic cold climates presents us with an astonishing photo of a frozen wave, large enough to walk under.

Enjoy the amazing calmness of a still ocean painting when looking at your computer screen after a hard day’s work.

Fusing terrifying wind with calm water creates something spectacular for the entire world to enjoy, wavesrolling together towards the same destination.

Get this breath taking wallpaper to remind you that nature has beautiful sights for everyone to enjoy every day.

Observe the spectacular art that nature provides us with when joining sand with clear water on a wonderful sunny day.

Some people living on coast lines have the privilege of sights that would blow away the minds of millions

Here we find the perfect waves for water sports along with swimming and having fun with family and friends in the water of the huge ocean.

If someone should describe the perfect playground for mermaids it would be something like turquoise waters joined by magnificent waves.

Just imagine the feeling of surfing in a wave covering you, making a tunnel for you to escape from.

It is any surfers dream to have a view like this one while surfing, taking hundreds of chances just to get the perfect opportunity. 

What kind of adrenaline would pump through your veins when you find yourself in a wave folding around you and escaping it just in time?