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Jumat, 20 Juli 2012

Breath-taking Nature Wallpapers

Nature wallpapers are the leading cause of calm minds & motivated workers throughout the world. With a nature scene on your desktop background you will feel more relaxed when times are hard.

All the stories we heard when we were young took place in forests & woods where the trees are home to all the mythical creatures. While looking at these nature wallpapers, you can almost see the tiny beings of nature peek back at you wanting to tell you a story.

Nature backgrounds have the advantage of playing with colour psychology in a way that most people don’t even notice. While using natural colours like green and brown, they complement each other & contrast on each other at the same time.

Here is a couple of the most amazing nature wallpapers ever!

Lightning bursting over waters nature wallpaper

amazing ship wreck on dark waters nature wallpaper

Dark sunset nature desktop background

Blue flower nature wallpaper design

Nature reflection on lake background

Lighthouse on sea shore wallpaper

path of nature wallpaper

Palm tree leaning over ocean background

Street in the woods nature wallpaper