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Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Breaking Dawn

In the woods of Forks is the home of the world’s favorite vampires. The final book of the Twilight saga: Breaking dawn present us with a story full of an excitement and adventure. Join Bella on her magnificent journey of making her most precious wish come true
Bella is finally getting married to the big love of her life, the most handsome Edward Cullen that takes her breath away with only a simple smile. When they returned from their honeymoon the Cullen’s discovered that Bella’s life is in terrible danger.  With nothing to do to save Bella’s life Edward feels like losing his mind. Jacob was put to the test by Sam: He had to choose between his best friend that needed him more than ever before and his pack that taught him everything about survival.

The big question on everybody’s mind is: will Bella survive through this threat like she survived through all the others or will this be the end of Bella and Edward Cullen’s  perfect fantasy?

The most amazing two couples of Breaking Dawn the movie. Here we can observe that love comes in a lot of magnificent ways although it might be strange sometimes. Edward along with his beloved wife Bella that can never be separated from him and Jacob Black with the most unlikely of girls: Renesmee the daughter of his best friend Bella. 

Bella Cullen, the human woman that has been found pregnant with a vampire’s child. What will this lead to? It is against the vampire law to have a vampire baby.  

 The place where dreams come true at the breaking of dawn is the place where you will find Edward and Bella Cullen.

It looks like two wolves wondered of from the pack. They are brother and sister looking out for one another in the dangerous wood where their mortal enemy roams freely.

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Happy on their honeymoon Edward decides to go out for a hunt while his amazing wife is still sleeping , so that he can spend every moment with her when she wakes up. 

Why does everybody’s favorite vampire look so worried? There must be something very interesting going on.

She loves him with all her heart and life. Be a part of their fantasy and discover how two people can look out for each other where ever they are.

Alice and Jasper along with Carlisle and Esmee are all together at the wedding of Edward and Bella.  

 Carlisle is looking very worried about something. It must have something to do with Bella, the Votary or the werewolves.

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Which one do you prefer, the breath taking vampire that sparkles in the sunlight of the supper hot werewolf that makes an excellent best friend?