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Senin, 23 April 2012


The astonishing puzzles of Greek mythology presents us with another amazing part that so little people know of. They were known as the nature goddesses in the in the forms of women. How ever they were ranked below the Greek gods, they still had an extremely important task. The nymphs were responsible for the care taking of their environment. You might wonder how many different tipes were there.  There were countless tipes that represented something different like clouds, likes, fire, trees, mountains ect. These magnificent creations were sometimes seen as a mothers and healers of those who wondered around and end up getting lost somewhere. It is magnificent to discover what ancient Greeks believed in.

Observe one of the most spectacular creations that are brought forward by Greek mythology. The fire nymph looks a lot like the creature we know best as the she devil. This amazing creature is however responsible for maintaining the heat of the earth.   

With the trees of the woods as her cover and camouflage, nothing can capture the magnificent creation that keeps it in order.

As your guide through the twists and turns of the forest she can be found anywhere however it is extremely rare to see her with your own eyes.

She is sent by the Greek gods to protect the beauty of nature along with the balance of it. Get spectacular wallpaper on your computer to enjoy every time you put it on.

 Be inspired by the magnificent war nymphs to never step down or give up during a battle. Stay strong and never allow anything to stand between you and the crown of victory.

Created out of Greek mythology the ruler of water is one of the goddesses people praised to provide them with water when wells went dry.

With wings like an angel accompanied by soft loving eyes the goddess of the sky is almost never seen, however she is felt when the winds blow.

Sent by the Greek gods to take care of her lake she lays in the stillness of the water, becoming one with everything it provides..

Some people might say it is a mermaid, a creature from the ocean that is half fish and half human. This amazing creature is known as a water nymph according to Greek mythology. Get all these amazing wallpapers that you can share when enjoying them with your friends.