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Selasa, 17 April 2012

Lightning Strikes

It is something that every body is afraid of, bright; beautiful, yet very dangerous. The team mate of thunder on a dark stormy night when all the children listen to their parents telling breath taking stories. The amazing elements of nature present us with one of its most spectacular presents to share: lightning! When you look at lightning strikes, you will find it very interesting that it is seën as something out of this world, beautiful. There are some very brave people that made capturing these magnificent electrical bolts their hobby and so doing dedicated their lives chasing after the miraculous beauty that nature offers. Capturing lightning pictures is extremely dangerous because when you are at the wrong place at the wrong time you could fry to death in a matter of seconds.

Discover the amazing wallpapers lightning images can bring us. There are some people that are terrified of lightning although they love it as well to look at on their screens.

Bright up a down day with aan electrical morning when you turn on your computer. Feel the freedom of elements in the city when the day turns its back on you.

Experience the most amazing feelings when you let your mind run wild like dancing lightning strikes in the middle of an indescribable storm.

Graphic designers sometimes also use the element of lightning to bring forward extraordinary wallpapers like this one.

There are a lot of mythology stories told about a thunder god that punished the humans here on earth when he is displeased with their worship. Some people believe these stories and pray to these gods for forgiveness. Enjoy the amazing arts that lightning strikes can provide on your computer screen where you can star at it for as long as you like without fearing for life. Share this amazing gift from Mother Nature with the whole world and let them all see how pretty lightning images are and what kind of amazing things can come from this amazing element. This post was brought to you by veins of thunder storms called lightning strike Wallpapers