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Senin, 16 April 2012

Fantasy Giants Wallpapers - Fantasy Windows Desktop Backgrounds

Fantasy Giant Wallpapers will always be part of a revelation.  In every major story we know, we find a hero taking down a giant. They never get faced with a small puny little create that spits water and roll in the grass. They always get faced with these big, hairy, gigantic & fierce creatures that blow fire and farts thunder! 

In ancient Greek Mythology, the heavens and earth was created by Gya, God of the earth. After 3 generations, 3 Cyclops giants were born and so began the reign of the giants & colossus. We find it hard to grasp the size of some creatures. Can you imagine standing before a beast 50 times bigger than you are? These fantasy giant wallpapers below offers the unique chance to sit back and try to understand the courage one must have to stand your man against such a beast.

Arts of giants, age back thousands of years ago. They were a fantasy & a myth to most people, but some claim to have seen them with their own eyes. In caves they found drawing of fantasy giants destroying everything around them. Is this myth or legend? Even in the bible, David took down Goliath with 1 rock and the courage of a tiger.

Magic Fantasy Giant Undead

Nightelf Giant War Hammer Legend

Angel Of Justice Giant Fantasy Desktop Background

Lava Rock Giant Desert Storm Fantasy

Undead Bat Giant Lady Of The Night

Fantasy Giant Turtle On Dry Gound

Destructive Giant Fantasy Octapus On Ship

Gigantic Eagles Flying Wth Woonded Hero

Fantasy Water Giant From The Deeps

Myths are always based on legends, and legends played off in the time of fantasy and magic. We bring you HD Desktop Backgrounds from those times of fantasy where magic ruled the world. These wallpapers will show you the hard truth of how giants rose from the ground & raged through the core of our existence, and how some heroes stood up to face them, and slain them where they stand. We give you Fantasy Wallpapers in memory of legends far forgotten in time & Lost in faraway memories.