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Senin, 19 Maret 2012

National Geographic

Wallpapersa gives you the opportunity to experience the magnificence that nature provides.  National Geographic has sent out highly qualified photographers, to go on different journeys, to bring you the most amazing photo’s that you can put on your desktop background so you can feel closer to nature every day. Start growing your collection of the most beautiful pictures of country sides, ocean life and life on land. National geographic photographers are magnificently trained in capturing the perfect moment on camera to bring home breath taking photos as well as priceless moments of certain animals. 

It is not every day that you see a frog that you can see the insides of. This magnificent creature’s skin is so thin that you can see its organs and everything without cutting it open.

Mom do dinosaurs still exist? Be very careful before you answer “no” again. Here we see a dinosaur like creature catching a shark out of the water… This makes one think whether are we on this planet alone or are we sharing it with living fossils.   

How did the Egyptians live? Here we have a very spectacular photograph of the home of the Pharaoh.

Here we find a priceless moment provided by nature. A sea turtle trying to shoo away the camera man or he is just trying to be silly.

 A spectacular photograph to share with your friends and family: a little fish in a raindrop. See how Mother Nature protects the small and helpless creatures of the world.

Discover the beauty of and development of a small cheetah cab running around and exploring his environment. This will make a amazing wallpaper for anyone with a soft heart for baby animals.  

Being a nature freak and collecting pictures wallpapers of the world is a magnificent opportunity for you to discover the world from your desktop. There are so many things to know and to learn about the world and it has to give. Not many people know the spectacular world we live in; they keep on looking into technology and buildings, missing most of the magical moments it has to offer. If you want to be an explorer without paying bags full of money then start collecting pictures wallpapers and enlarge your knowledge of the world.

Capturing a rainbow in the moment burns up an indescribable feeling inside of you. Get the most amazing rainbow pictures wallpaper for your desktop so you can feel closer to nature in the comfort of your own home.

Experience the beauty of looking at a wild leopard finding a way to the top. This wallpaper will give you the encouragement to move forward and to never stop trying till you reached the top. 

The amazing blue starfish catching everyone’s attention is a spectacular photo to have as part of your collection. This amazing creature is not only beautiful because of its colours but also because it protects the smaller starfish on top of it.

The spectacular background brings out amazing art that nature provides with rain and spiders. The rain drops clinging onto the spider web looks like pearl beads.

Wallpapersa wants you to enjoy the wallpapers you get from us and to share them with all your friends, so come and explore through our blog and start your collection of free wallpapers of nature and the beauty it possess today. We provide free wallpapers for you to enjoy every day and find a new experience and meaning in your desktop backgrounds.

The amazing shapes and colours that an octopus can turn into is not a regular thing to see every day. Get this amazing captured moment on your desktop for free and be amazed every day when you look at it.

 This spectacular post was brought to you by National Geographic and amazing nature wallpapers for you to enjoy and discover the beauty that Mother Nature provides.