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Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

Gothhic fantasy Wallpapers


Wallpapersa brings you something new and spectacular to add to your desktop wallpaper collection. The magnificent art of gothic fantasy is amazing to look at and to find your own meaning in the wallpaper. Putting gothic and fantasy themes together opens up a whole new world to explore. The art of darkness accompanied by fantasy creatures creates a new and spectacular story to share.  Gothic fantasy proves that some people get the wrong impressions when they hear the words gothic art. 


A warrior waiting the woods defending her territory, not allowing anyone to stand in her way of victory.


Magical creatures guarding the ones, which are most important to them. The protector and best friend right at your back at all times, showing the magnificence of love.


In ancient pyramids lives a mysterious creature guarding her father’s tomb. With the amazing gift of immortality and spiders protecting her, she carries on living in the dark secret tunnels of the magnificent king’s pyramid. Get this amazing wallpaper on your desktop today!


Protected by a ferocious beast and also the love of her life, the dragon princess lives a happy and magnificent life with the one creature everybody fears most: a dragon.


A Gothic fairy looking for a peaceful place to stare at the world and to restore her strength. To make sure that she is fine there came along a little black kitten to watch over her.


Waiting to be discovered by her hero the forest child waits on the place the wind told her she would be found


Gothic wallpapers are magnificent to explore and discover. There will always be something new to find in gothic art. People have the wrong assumptions when they see something gothic. Gothic wallpapers give something different to each individual, some find courage and strength and others find peace and comfort. Discover gothic wallpapers that you can associate with and will enjoy looking at every day.


Remembering the stories her mother told her while walking through the ocean waves during childhood, now finding peace in the stillness of the ocean. 


Even when she is gone for a long time the love and spirit of a sister will remain for ever. This amazing Gothic Wallpaper shows that even when someone special has past away, they will always be there to watch over you and love you.


A magnificent sight to look at a flame on top of a red rose. This Wallpaper presents the everlasting flame of love that never burns out. This post was brought to you by Gothic Wallpapers