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Jumat, 16 Maret 2012

Fire Wallpapers Sequel

Fire Wallpapers

As the winter dwells down on us, the orange, yellow and red of these fire wallpapers will fill our hearts with the warm feeling of love and passion. As we embrace the most destructive element in its pure form, you can't help but notice the comfort it offers. The design element of fire art started with the psychological impact the colors has to offer. Designers started using fire in their designs to offer comfort and warmth to whom ever lays eyes on it.

If you are looking to find the fire wallpaper to express your inner fire, we have a very good collection of fire wallpapers just for you!

Fire Animal Wallpapers

Fire animal designs has the magnificent technique of combining the element of destruction with the beasts of the opposite nature. As we see the powerful phoenix rise from the ashes, the moment of power reflects in the flap of it's fiery wings. As the dragon surrounds it self with flames in the depths of the pit from where it came, it resembles rage and brute strength. As the wolf stands howling in the flames of despair, the fire burning in its heart resembles the passion he shares with the one for ever taken away from him. This is the meaning behind Fire Animal Wallpapers      

Fire Wallpaper Collection

Whether you are 3 dancing chicks on fire, displaying your passion for dancing, or ghost rider on his bike of flames driving the speed of light next to the ghost rider on his horse, you will soon discover the other side of the red element - Love. As we all know fire can destruct, but it can also build. Like this fire wallpaper of love, see how the passion burns to build a stronger love from inside. The elegance of the fire dancing fairy as she shares light with the dark corners of the earth.