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Selasa, 04 Oktober 2011

Super Series Wallpapers

Yes, we all love watching series. Admit it, it's the best past time and kills time like you cant imagine. I know i'm a huge fan of a variety of serious, however at times I enjoy the more serious, "big peoples" series.

Hank Moody is a writer in California, the series is based on his divorce with his wife and relationship with his teenage daughter. He especially loves women, as you can see in wallpaper below. As simple as this wallpaper is, it tells us quiet a lot. I find it to be a sexy wallpaper yet its not too provocative.

This has got to be the best series ever made! Entourage is about a group of friends who are from Queens and go to Hollywood as there friend becomes a huge celeb. I would warn the ladies to hold onto their hearts, lead actor who plays the role of Vincent Chase is an absolute hunk.

I find the HD Entourage wallpaper extremely cool, because it has the whole grunge vibe going on. Grunge is always more kick-ass which is exactly the term I would use to sum up Entourage.

Nancy Bortwon, definitely not your average mom but a pot dealer. A completely unique story line, with unique characters. The wallpaper is ultra cool with the clouds designed as weeds which is relevant to the series itself.

A medical series with only the most straight forward characters. You can't ever get bored of the sarcasm in this program. The wallpaper should tell you a lot, I find the caption so true and I'm sure many people would agree with it. Everybody likes a wallpaper with a cool caption wallpaper.