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Jumat, 01 Juli 2011

Movie Wallpaper - Best Movie Posters Online

The thing we all love most about movies, are the posters we see all around. By judging the wallpaper of the movie, you can already make up your mind if you want to watch it or not.

Movie Wallpapers are the top marketing point for a movie. Bad wallpaper, Bad marketing. But this again puts way too much stress on the designer. Designing a wallpaper for a newly launched movie is not an easy task. Producers pay thousands for the correct wallpaper to advertise their movie. Lets take a look at some great movie wallpapers.

We start off with Beowolf wallpapers. This is one of the best designs for a poster yet. The three top elements playing with your mind in this wallpaper is: 1. Darkness. 2. Mystery and Fantasy. 3. Angelina Jolie!!! All the men out there knows, when this girl enters the movie stage, its bound to be one to remember!

Next, 2 Fast 2 Furious! This is a well balanced wallpaper. Its pink to enforce "woman Power" to get the girls to watch the movie, and a stunning girl in front, to make the guys even more interested after they've seen the cars that featured in this film.

This is the famouse AVP. The quality of mystery enfused with the dark creature in the middle, makes for a top movie wallpaper. From just seeing this poster I simply had to watch the movie! it didn't dissapoint at all! On this one, I say job well done to the designer. This is first class designing!

Last but not least, is Transformers. Who ever can look at this poster that haven't seen this film yet, and doesn't rush to go by the dvd, is blind! This movie wallpaper is totaly stunning! This is designing at its best! the Transformers movie wallpapers has realy changed the way people look at other movie advertising. They set the benchmark for all movie posters yet to come.

So which one of these is your favourite? Feel I missed any? Leave a comment and I'll take it under consideration for the next post on amazing desktop backgrounds!